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Monday-Friday 7 am - 5:30 pm

Playing Together, Sharing

Inserting children into a preschool environment gives them the chance to learn essential skills like sharing, manners, and respect. 
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Playing Outside

Even the simplest activities help your child grow.  Playing outside gives your child exercise, helps foster creativity and enhances hand-eye coordination.  Plus, they will learn valuable social skills.  Your child will enhance their physical development at preschool by working on fine and gross motor skills.  

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Art, Working Together

Preschool is a time for young children to learn and develop artistic fundamentals.  Art activities are engaging for preschoolers because they are given opportunities for hands-on creation, which is how children retain information most effectively and efficiently at this age.  Depending on the child, preschool may be the first time they're around a group of children their age.   Your child may also start to learn self-control and how to resolve conflict on their own.

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